Tuesday, December 5, 2006

How about some jetta cake?

Haaaa. No cake! just some pics. Gonna feed your eyes.

I always wanted to have this one. I think this body just rocks.
Very Aggressive and Chicks gonna fell over! Add Vinyls and you gonna be like DAMN!!!
Seild-Tuning all the way.

Not sure what company makes these. Some other spoilers.
Kinda small, gonna add bigger if I find one.

Back Wing!
The rear bumper is very nice. Gues

Wait for more! soon. soon. soon.

Simply Tuned

So you want to tune your Jetta or may be Bora. Tough choice! Well, you have to start somewhere. Anywhere you like. Just begin doing something. Buy a sticker or something :). There! You made your 1st step.

I came across some nice little thing over the internet, looks much better than the stock thing.

They say:
"Replace the common place factory "Fuba" antenna with an aftermarket replacement from JOM or FD. Machined from billet these high quality antennas separate any VW or Audi from the crowd. Simple installation requires no tools, unscrew the old and screw on the new."

Well. it's not some veilside widebody, but I think it is worth it.

Saturday, December 2, 2006

Hey you! you think you are cool? oh Welll!!

Think what you think but this one gonna kick you knees ouT! don't you htink? got subaru?
Well! what do you thinK? Not good? well here is something better! Got Jetta? hope you do! BCOZ ZIZ one Gonna Kill U!

Are you cool now? Kill me!

Sunday, November 26, 2006

Jetta Lamborgini style

This is new 2005 Jetta GLI with some mods

Mods are:
- Reiger Front Bumper
- Greddy Front mount intercooler
- HID kit 12K
- HID kit 8k on fog lights
- ABD cold air intake
- ABD intake manifold
- Custom Boser Hood extension
- APEX-i 3" Downpipe
- Custom 3" catback
- TSW wheels 19x8.5 in front and 19x9.5 in back
- Sony indash 7" touch screen
- 2 12" kicker subs
- AC S7 Boost gauge
- AC S7 A/F gauge
- LSD door kit lambo style
- H&R springs
- Forge Blow off valve
- ECS N75 Race valve

Just found neat Jetta Ride.

Omg! I love these rims!

Magnaflow Exhaust

Just thought it is a good idea to put some pictures on this nice thing.

This is how it looks installed.

Another hot tuned Jetta Pic!

GTi Crashed!

Three and half month old GTi was rearended by some stupid guy on a 86' Bronco.

Now it Kinda reminds of Back to The Future Car style.

Friday, November 24, 2006

Volkswagen Jetta Body Kits

Do you want to create a newer, more exciting, aggressive or sportier look for your Volkswagen Jetta? Are you tired of your Jetta looking like other vehicles on the road? Then you will love the customization opportunities that body kits offer. Body kits let you restyle yoir VW Jetta and create a better and more attractive look for your car. A VW Jetta body kit will usually include such accessories as ground effects package, rear spoiler or wing, body panels, side skirts and other add-ons. These body kit accessories are designed to make the VW Jetta look more aggressive, sporty, exotic and lower to the ground.

Volkswagen Jetta is essentially a sedan version of the VW Golf. It has been the bestselling European car sold in the US. Through four generations, the Jetta has endured as one of the most popular passenger cars in its class. the current generation of the Jetta, launched in 2005, offers a base engine of 2.5 liters with 20-valve DOHC. It also offers a variety of functions and amenities that makethe VW Jetta a car of choice for many people. The 2005 edition of the VW jetta offered such innovations as DSG gearbox, stability control and electro-mechanical steering. All these new amenities adds to the excellent reputation that the VW Jetta has achieved through the years.

Introducing the Kinetics Tuning K+ Intake System for MK5 GTI, Golf & Jetta 2.0 FSI-T Engine

The K+ Intake System allows you to unlock the full potential of the 2.0 FSI-T Engine by replacing the very restrictive plastic factory air box. The K+’s intake system allows the engine to suck in much more fresh air, lets your engine breath the way it should at the first place and ultimately get much better performance. The intake piping of the K+ Intake System was designed to generate the best air flow to the engine; the diameter was measured to give the best throttle response and faster turbo spool. At the location of the Mass Airflow Sensor, the K+ System is uses a 3 inch piping (see pics below) to trick the sensor so that it thinks there is enough mass and air inside, therefore the car will run a lot smoother. All the other sections are 2.5 inch to give the best throttle response. The piping is made out of mandrel bend aluminum which is lightweight and dissipates heat much better then any other material.

The Intake is section is made of thick Interlocking Cell Polyurethane Foam which traps the tinniest particles, is also very easyto clean and maintain.

With the K+ Intake System installed you will not lose low end performance and also get amazing high end. Please refer to Dyno Sheet to actual results, an amazing 25.9 HP & 26.4 ft/lb at the flywheel!!

Here is the dyno results done a Dynapack which reads HUB horsepower, it gives different readings from a dynojet.