Tuesday, December 5, 2006

How about some jetta cake?

Haaaa. No cake! just some pics. Gonna feed your eyes.

I always wanted to have this one. I think this body just rocks.
Very Aggressive and Chicks gonna fell over! Add Vinyls and you gonna be like DAMN!!!
Seild-Tuning all the way.

Not sure what company makes these. Some other spoilers.
Kinda small, gonna add bigger if I find one.

Back Wing!
The rear bumper is very nice. Gues

Wait for more! soon. soon. soon.


Anonymous said...

That kit looks pretty good, but looks too JDM with the vents.

9u$@n3 said...

nice pics!!!
do u know where can I get a TRunk with space for an european license plate like?
that will make me more than happy!

Admin said...

Wow that wing in the last picture is ugly. I just don't understand why anyone would want to install that on their Jetta unless it was a track car.

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webmastercoffee said...